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        Rethink RFPs
        Rethink Strategic Sourcing
        Rethink Competitive Contracts
        Rethink Compliance
        Rethink Spend Analytics
        Rethink E-Procurement
        Rethink Cost Containment
        Rethink Supplier Management

        Cooperative Contracts for Education

        E&I is the largest, member-owned, non-profit sourcing cooperative serving the needs of education. We provide over 125 competitively solicited contracts and dedicated member resources nationwide. As a trusted advisor to the education community, we exist solely to help our members save time and money. Last year alone, we delivered over $200 million in savings. And by the way, membership is FREE!

        Nominations Now Open

        What It Means to Be a Member-Owned Cooperative

        Contract Announcement


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        NEWS & EVENTS

        Rethinking Early Childhood & Elementary Classroom Learning Environments

        Flexibility: The New Movement in Classroom Design | by Melissa Potter, Marketing and Communications Director at Jonti-Craft, Inc.… Read More

        E&I recently made some territory changes.

        Find your E&I rep here.

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